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Welcome to The Idle Life

Posted on May 27, 2009 by Beau

Welcome to The Idle Life, a safe haven for the indolent, layabouts, and recovering workaholics to try to find peace and fulfillment through the simple pleasures of laziness, mindfulness, and time spent in idle contemplation.

I’ve created this blog because I often feel like the pace and stress of modern life are crushing our spirits and preventing us from enjoying the myriad pleasures that life has to offer. This blog is a small attempt to help people (myself included) remember and recapture the joy of lazy days and leisure.

Despite being more financially prosperous and more technologically “connected” than ever before, studies regularly find that people (and Americans especially) are less happy than past generations. The struggle for wealth, prestige, and other status symbols, is a never-ending battle you can’t win. Even if you attain all those things, you’ll just want more.

My advice? Stop trying so hard. Relax. Breathe. Slack off. If you’ve never tried actively being lazy, give it a go! Your feelings of guilt and “missing out” on the crazy pace of modern life will soon fall away, and you’ll be left feeling peaceful and content to watch others scurry around unhappily, while you savor life. It really is possible.

Finally, lest you think my advice on living the idle life is based on a situation entirely unlike your own, please take a look at my About Me page. I work a pretty typical full time job, have a new baby, and am something of a technophile. However, despite all this, I manage to keep my life pretty stress-free and peaceful. I look forward to helping you make it happen too!

PS- If my posts are less-than-frequent, please forgive me. I’m just practicing what I preach :)


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  1. Thank you for giving me permission to say out loud I am a layabout. Ahh, that felt good. I love to be lazy! But I’ve always been afraid to admit it publicly. I hope you start posting more often, because I intend to be a frequent visitor. :-)

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