The Quest for a Life Less Stressed

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Your Idle Host

Hello, my indolent friend. I’m a guy who really loves my family, my hobbies, and taking life very, very easy. I started this blog because I often feel like I’m surrounded by people who are striving incredibly hard and stressing themselves out to the point of being completely miserable, rather than relaxing and letting life come to them.

Since I consider myself something of an expert on this topic, I’ll be sharing ways I’ve found to take some of the stress out of everyday life and live “in the moment,” enjoying the simple pleasures life has to offer when you’re willing to stop trying so damn hard.

Before you ask, despite my lazy state of mind, I work a full time job, have a wife and a toddler, and generally lead a pretty normal life. Despite all that, I manage to stay pretty stress-free. I’m convinced that you can too, so I hope you’ll check in every once in a while (or better yet subscribe- less effort for you in the long run) and join me in a quest to live life to the laziest.


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